As part of our collaboration with Melbourne artist Miranda Skoczek for Protection 026.24, we are delighted to offer you an insight into ancestral amulets, as told by Miranda. Go behind the scenes with us to discover the meaning behind these ancient symbols, their significance and what Miranda enjoyed most about watching her vision come to life.
Embrace ancestral wisdom and guidance with Silk Laundry’s Protection print, designed by Melbourne artist Miranda Skoczek. By wearing these garments you will be protected. The amulets are intended to drive away evil and bring good closer. Our collection embodies symbols charged with history and intent, ensuring that with every piece worn, you carry a legacy of protection. Unveil the meaning behind the symbols below.

Ancestral Amulets, Reimagined.

01. Aster Flower
Named after the Greek word for 'star,' aster flowers symbolise love, wisdom, and faith. In Greek mythology, they were placed on altars for the gods. placed on altars for the gods.

02. The Circle
This symbol represents unity, infinity, and protection. Its continuous shape signifies life's ongoing cycle and nature's balance, traditionally serving as a shield against negative influences and embodying the connection of all things. 

03. The Wolf  
The wolf is highly regarded for its courage, strength, and family devotion. Known for good communication and intelligence, it symbolises perseverance and loyalty. 

04. The Raven     
In Norse mythology and Icelandic sagas, the raven is seen as a wise, all-knowing messenger, protector, and helper. Known as the bird of prophecy, it was the favoured bird of the Celtic God Llud, who, attended by two ravens, was the god of artists and artisans.

05. Raised Arms
Signifying divine consciousness, spiritual awakening and protection. 

06. The Spiral
The spiral is one of the oldest symbols used in spiritual practices. It symbolises growth, evolution, and aspects of the feminine like the goddess, fertility, and life energy. Reflecting both human nature and the natural world, the spiral helps us accept and adapt to life's changes.

Carry protection with you everywhere you go. Download additional wallpapers for your device HERE, HERE and HERE.
"Art is a sanctuary, and in this collection, it becomes a guardian—each design is a protective embrace, a story retold." 

 - Miranda Skoczek