Luna New Year with Teigan Nash

Born to Chinese and Australian parents, Teigan Nash is a creator who has worked in TV production, presenting for Channel 7 and more. At just eight her mum initially moved from Taiwan to Melbourne with her parents, before shortly after calling Sydney home.

For Teigan, Lunar New Year (LNY) has been an annual family tradition. Here, she shares wit us how she is celebrating this year.

How do you celebrate LNY?

Growing up we have always celebrated culture and LNY was one of my favourite holidays. 

When I was younger I loved getting a Red Envelope (hóngbāo) with money in it from my Popo (Grandma). We still get it now, but that isn't why I love LNY. I love getting together with my family and eating delicious food cooked by my aunties and Popo. I also love sharing my culture with my partner. 

My mum's family is here in Australia so we always catch up, eat Chinese food, and lots of it and play Mahjong. I am hopeless at it and I kick myself that I never learnt how to speak Mandarin because I can't read the characters on the tiles. But if I partner with my Popo I usually win! 

How are you celebrating this year and are you bringing anything? 

This year we are heading to my auntie's house, my cousins will be there and their partners, my Popo and my brother and his wife. My parents are away with my Gon Gon (Grandpa) so they will be with him in QLD. This year we are actually ordering food and my Aunty might make a few dishes. Her famous meatballs are always a hit! 

So, I’ll just be bringing an empty stomach to eat all the delicious food! 

Do you have any particular traditions sentimental to this time? 

Just making sure we all get together. Chinese food is non-negotiable. I could honestly eat rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Oh, and everyone always has to wear a dash of red – it is good luck! 

Anything else you love?

I love reading the Chinese Horoscopes every year. I was born in the year of the Snake so next year is my year, but the horoscopes can often be pretty spot on!