How to care for your Silk

      Often considered an urban myth, most are shocked to discover that silk garments do not need to visit the dry cleaners!

      When it comes to delicate fabrics like silk, it’s best to hand wash them in cold water and leave to hang dry. Silk Laundry Creative Director, Katie Rackley often boasts about the ease of washing her silk garments - she even takes them in with her when she showers!

      To some, that may seem a little odd, but Katie might be onto something!

      We recommend using a small portion of liquid soap and cold water, lightly wash and hang to dry. It’s simple, more affordable than dry cleaning and uses less water than traditional washing methods.

      The best part about our Silk Slips is that you don’t even need to iron them as possible creases tend to fall when hung.

      However, if you’re a stickler for the rules you can alternatively wash your Silk Slips by placing in a mesh bag and putting them on a delicate cycle with cold water in your washing machine - this prevents snagging or tangling during the washing cycle.

      If you choose to hand wash your silk, it is important not to let the fabric soak for more than 30 minutes. To dry, simply hang or lay flat to ensure its natural shape.

      Lastly, and by no means least, NEVER… EVER… place your Silk Slip in the dryer (you’ll thank us for that one later).

      Please keep in mind that silks are a delicate fabric that are hand-dyed. They are designed with the intent that they will fade overtime.