The Sell-Out Tee Returns. A Social Studio Collaboration

A note from Founder & Creative Director, Katie Kolodinski.

In our second iteration of our partnership with local Melbourne-based not-for-profit The Social Studio (TSS), we have created a t-shirt that spotlights Miranda Skoczek’s imagery of the Aster Flower and Tree of Life, also seen in our Protection print.

This collaboration translates Miranda’s artwork onto a T-shirt making her art wearable, which I think is really interesting. Her art is something I have admired for a long time, in particular, her use of symbolism and affinity towards the history of art making. Both Miranda and myself source inspiration from a myriad of environments and are also deeply drawn to nature – which is something we connected over.  

Incorporating her rendition of the Aster Flower, a cherished symbol of protection from my childhood, alongside the Tree of Life, which embodies themes of wisdom, heritage and renewal, this tee becomes an embodiment of safeguarding elements.

While in Melbourne, I had the pleasure of visiting The Social Studio, the makers of this iconic T-shirt. It’s always special to work with local producers in Australia, especially with so many of our stores here, but I was particularly drawn to TSS for their considered production of clothing and how they support and educate refugees and new migrants through the fashion industry. Fashion can be a beautiful and powerful tool for advocacy and I think TSS have created their own projection of that, which really aligns with Silk Laundry’s values. 

This T-shirt is relaxed and comfortable, making it versatile for pairing up or down. I style it over the top of our dresses, or with our staple bias-cut pants or skirts. It’s nice to create a piece that hopefully resonates with its wearer, but also stays true to our commitment of connecting with our community and producing fashion consciously.