We're working towards creating a sustainable way to help fashion a better world. Giving back is a big part of our business model and we are designing pieces with the intention to raise donations for charities we hold close. Whether environmental, social or political, we believe these causes are worth fighting for.

We aim to create pieces that hold intention and will continue developing exclusive charity pieces to fund projects we are passionate about. We strongly believe in supporting organisations that are working hard to create positive change. 

Our first charity slip features hand-embroidered bees and was produced as a limited edition run. Only 250 pieces will ever be sold. For each purchase, $100 will be donated to charities that are doing their part to prevent colony collapse disorder, habitat loss and degradation. We have teamed up with Wheen Bee Foundation in Australia and Planet Bee Foundation in the US to raise a minimum of $25,000. This money will be used to fund research projects, seed planting and adopt-a-hive initiatives.