Now and Then

In modern life, we are inundated with an extremely fast turnover of fashion. This creates a throwaway culture that feeds into the mentality that items are needed instantly and only for a moment. Pieces are no longer purchased to last and are often designed in a way that reflects this. We're always on the hunt for new and searching for ways to pass off the old.

At Silk Laundry, we are passionate about breaking this mentality and often look at our seasonal collections with a continuous approach. Can we pair pieces from these seasons together? Will they still be relevant? How do they elevate a woman's wardrobe? These questions form as large of a part in the process as the physical design of the garment. 

We believe in thoughtful design that encourages you to experiment with clashing prints and encourages you to be creative with your self-expression. This relationship between style, cut and quality fabric results in pieces that will remain relevant beyond a single season.  

Making more informed decisions about your clothing can help reduce the unwanted items that build up in your wardrobe. Every 10 minutes in Australia, 6000 kilograms of textiles are added to landfill. It's clear that something has to shift because our current way of consuming simply isn't sustainable. 

Some simple steps towards making more informed purchases include choosing natural materials, favouring styles that are versatile, and owning fewer pieces of higher quality. This doesn't mean you have to purchase a few items to fill the needs of your entire life. For us, this means making three larger purchases of higher-end products in a single season that you will keep forever, rather than several cheaper items that you will throw away within a year.

In turn, building a more sustainable wardrobe is also about spending. Investing in pieces with a longer life reduces overconsumption and decision fatigue. It fills your wardrobe with the things you love, not the things you like right now.

Care is a fundamental factor in the longevity of our garments. Find out how to care for your silk and create a longer relationship with your clothing.