A Travel Necessity: The White Cotton Round Shirt

Whether you start packing weeks in advance or the night before, choosing what to take on your travels is almost as hard as finishing a puzzle with a missing piece. No matter if you are visiting a friend nearby for a few days or exploring new cities across the globe, we’ve all experienced the unpleasant feeling of being underprepared or selecting the wrong garments to take with. And of course–there are weight restrictions to consider too.  

Here, we share why our White Cotton Round Shirt has become a travel essential, and staple, in our suitcase closets. 

It’s lightweight
So, you can take one in Lavender or Leopard too. Travelling means considering style, but also the weight of items–so something that doesn’t take up much room physically or on the scales is a must. 

It’s versatile 
For style and weather. 
Despite all anticipation of your destination’s climate, sometimes things don’t go as planned. The beauty of an oversized shirt is that it is lightweight, but can easily be layered to keep you warm. It’s the perfect throw over some bathers when you are heading to the beach and simultaneously works underneath a warm jacket, paired with a scarf

Being neutral in colour and style, a classic shirt always pairs well with almost everything. It can be dressed up or down according to how you style it. Think paired back with some jeans and sneakers or elevated with a black bias-cut skirt and slingback heels. 

It’s easy to clean
People frequently worry about staining a white shirt, but white cotton is typically easier to treat in comparison to coloured materials. Our cotton white shirt can withstand regular washing and if you’re short on resources–a good rinse with some lukewarm water and mild detergent in the sink will do the trick. 

It’s for everyone
For you, your travel companion or significant other. Our classic cotton shirt is perfect for everyday wear for every kind of person. Its seamless boxy style can be paired with a slouchy pair of pants and loafers or styled as an oversized dress with knee-high boots. No matter what your style is, a white shirt is fundamental in any wardrobe.  

It’s cotton
Made with organic cotton, our round shirt is composed of natural fibres which means it is biodegradable and can decompose over time. Cotton is breathable, comfortable and insulating which means that it is suitable for both cooler and warmer climates. Strong and durable in fabrication, means that it is destined to withstand the capriciousness of travel and endure as a staple in your wardrobe for years to come.