Benefits of Silk In Summer

Soft, biodegradable and luxurious – it’s only natural that silk stands as the core material of Silk Laundry. Its unique properties make it a lustre and durable material designed to be gentle on the environment and last wearers for years to come. 

While it is perfect all year round, there are several beneficial factors to wearing silk throughout the warmer summer months. 

Breathable and lightweight 

The fibre obtained from the silkworm's cocoon is a natural protein that is extremely breathable compared to other synthetic fibres. It’s lightweight due to its low density which means that it isn’t heavy on the skin and can keep you feeling cool and fresh even on those hot or humid days. 

Temperature regulation 

The protein structure of silk fibres can absorb and release moisture without feeling damp. This helps regulate body temperature by keeping the body cool in warm conditions and able to retain heat during cold periods.  

Soft and comfortable 

Silk has stretch and flexibility which allows the material to comfortably conform to the body’s natural shape. This makes it a flowing and flattering garment, pragmatic for those days when you need to feel refined and at ease.  It is also hypoallergenic making it gentle for even the most sensitive skin types. 


Silk is extremely versatile due to its simplistic inherent properties, making it the perfect fabric to transition you from day to night. Perfect for the warmer months filled with long days, something like a classic silk slip can transition you from casual seamlessness during the day to a defined and iconic look at night. 

UV Protection 

Silk provides some ultraviolet protection as its material makeup can absorb and block harmful rays from the sun.