Carla Binotto's Magic Mushroom Displays

At Silk Laundry, we are constantly seeking ways to infuse our stores with a sense of wonder and creativity. Our latest endeavor, the enchanting displays created by artist Carla Binotto, have truly captured the essence of magic. Carla's passion for the prints, the extensive research, and the incredible diversity of mushrooms shines through in her remarkable creations.

From the very beginning, Carla's excitement was palpable as she embarked on the journey of bringing these displays to life. Inspired by Katie Kolodinski's vision of larger-than-life mushroom sculptures adorning our stores, Carla embarked on a mission to create a variety of mushrooms that would captivate and mesmerise our customers. Using discarded cardboard boxes, wire, newspaper, masking tape, tissue paper, butchers paper, and glue, Carla brought these captivating forms to life with her artistic touch.

Carla's approach to sculpting was refreshingly lo-fi, employing a basic papier-mâché technique. It was a process that allowed the sculptures to take shape organically, with Carla continually building upon the forms until she was satisfied with their unique character. Some mushrooms reached towering heights, surpassing the average person's stature, while others nestled closer to the ground. Clusters of mushrooms emerged, each one evoking a sense of the remarkable diversity found in nature.

Intricately detailed and meticulously crafted, each mushroom sculpture became a testament to Carla's artistic vision. To ensure easy transportation and assembly, the larger pieces were created in separate components, ready to be reassembled at their final destinations. Even the delicate frills underneath the mushroom caps were meticulously formed with tissue paper, ensuring that every detail was given the attention it deserved. This dedication to craftsmanship extended even to the small enoki mushroom clusters, demonstrating Carla's commitment to creating a cohesive and immersive experience.

One of the things we cherish at Silk Laundry is the uniqueness of each storefront. Understanding this, Carla curated the displays in a way that perfectly complemented the distinctive ambiance of each location. In our Melbourne store, windows come alive with a beautiful low garden bed overflowing with vibrant orchids. It is from this lush setting that Carla's mushroom creations emerge, inviting onlookers into a world of awe and enchantment.

In Sydney, a single hanging mushroom becomes the centrepiece, captivating visitors with its ethereal beauty. Meanwhile, our Gold Coast, Brisbane, and Montréal stores boast a delightful congregation of mushrooms, cleverly mingling among mannequins, offering a whimsical blend of art and fashion.

Carla's displays capture the beauty and wonder of mushrooms, blurring the line between art and fashion. As you step into our Silk Laundry stores and encounter these magical displays, you'll immerse yourself in Carla's magical world, and experience the joy and enchantment her creations bring. Her talent has transformed our spaces into extraordinary works of art, reminding us of the magic that exists within the simplest forms.