Fine Dining in Old Montreal: Tiers Paysage

As we continue to perfect the City Guide we’ve been compiling since our move to the great - and currently very cold - city of Montreal, we find ourselves eager to share with you the city’s latest food wonder.

Tiers Paysage translates to ’third landscape’, a term coined by the botanist Gillés Clement. His concept describes areas which, neglected or unexplored by man, present more natural wealth in terms of biodiversity than forestry and agricultural areas.

A natural and abundant richness is exactly what can be found on the cave à manger (‘dining cellar’)’s small menu of vegetable-centric dishes and natural wines. Ingredients you may know well from lentils and eggplant to the more glamorous caviar and foie gras are repurposed to create dishes full of freshness and flavour. On our first visit, we matched the aforementioned with our waiter’s perfect suggestion of a Lombrusco - a sparkling red.

Tiers Paysage offers an experience that lies between dining and drinking and ease and elegance. The impression of immense knowledge from the staff is surpassed only by that of their warm welcome. Stop by for a snack and a cocktail, or settle in with a bottle and three courses for an evening well spent.