Grassroots for Planet Earth

Dust-off the gardening gloves and grab your Akubra, Silk Laundry launches into Project 166 — a non-for-profit organisation planting 166 trees for every person on the planet.

On a barren plot of land an hour’s west of Queensland’s Warwick, the saplings of future Australian forestry reach for the sun. Unperturbed by the dry heat, the trees bend with the wind’s passing, standing resilient in their quest to shade the earth and restore the atmosphere, soil, and landscape to what it once was. All thanks to a new venture, our venture, Project 166.

Project 166 is an Australian non-for-profit organisation founded by Silk Laundry CEO Reece Rackley and Creative Director Katie Kolodinski. With a focus on healing Earth’s carbon-sequestering capabilities through planting trees, the project is committed to countering the effects of carbon emissions, with over 3,000 trees already planted. Young in its journey toward reforestation, Project 166’s monthly camps offer an authentic Australian-country stay that reconnects its visitors with nature. We’re pleased, as one of Project 166’s founding entities, to be lucky enough to participate in the development of the inaugural crops and the Project’s foundations.

Our purpose is simple: to seed enough plantlife to counter the effects of climate change. Since the industrial revolution in the 1760s, humans have emitted 375 billion tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere. To account for the world’s pollution levels, Project 166 proposes a potential solution — for each of us to plant 166 trees. The organisation’s objective is to simultaneously raise awareness for the importance of flora within our shared ecosystem, while onboarding the overwhelming task of planting the required trees.

Silk Laundry has already made headway by pledging to the planting of 166 trees for every employee. By adapting to a changing world, and deciding what future we want to sow for the next generation, Silk Laundry is consciously making business decisions that meet regenerative environmental standards.

Under the guidance of Katie Kolodinski, Silk Laundry’s adopted a restorative ethos into all areas of the brand. Since its beginnings in 2015, we’ve incorporated a conscious approach to the fabrication of our collections, and have aligned with like-minded organisations in order to educate go-to-market decisions. Through this ideology, Silk Laundry has been able to refine its craft to better understand its place in the world. And it’s an aspect of our practice that we aim to continually improve, one that’s now committed to assisting Project 166’s goals.

You can join Project 166 on their carbon sequestration and land restoration initiative by visiting their website, their social media, or participating in one of their camps (launching soon). Play a part in the regenerative process by planting trees and building a stable, sustainable future for our planet. Surround yourself with friends and family, and immerse yourself in the nurturing of nature.

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