Katie's Holiday Essentials

The holiday season is underway and our founder Katie Kolodinski has a few necessities that get her through this period. 

A good book 
Dive nose-deep into George Orwell’s classic Animal Farm or something more modern like Timothy Morton’s All Art is Ecological

A simple silk slip to swift you from day to night
The end of the year is always a fervent endeavour filled with socialising, hurried catch-ups and constantly being on the go. A simple slip or our 1996s dress is both comfortable, and balanced and can be adapted for any occasion. For me, this helps alleviate any stress of what to wear when I am busy. 

A balanced vino 
Swirl down a crisp glass of orange during the day or red at night. Or both. After all, it is the holiday season for a reason.  

The holiday season is a perfect time to go through any preloved items and give them a new home. Give your favourite book a new home by sharing it with a friend or drop clothes you no longer reach for at your local shelter or op shop.  

Go to your local ceramic studio and make a vessel to gift a friend, or sew a delicate patch on a sweater that you already own to gift to a family member. Cultivate a collection of your favourite recipes and make your own cookbook to share with your loved ones or customise a candle with dried flower petals.   

Give back to your local community. Whether this is helping out at your local animal shelter or assisting at a local food bank – pick something that matters to you and see how you can be involved. 

Some well-deserved self-care and TLC 
With so much focus on others and giving, it’s always good to take a moment to yourself. Indulge in your favourite food or skin care, put on a lavish hair mask or take yourself to your favourite cafe. Go out in nature, pop in your favourite podcast or listen to our curated playlist here
Whatever it is that fills your cup–dedicate some time to winding down and cultivating serenity in your world. 

A travel essential: 
Silk scarves are one of my travel necessities, as they are adaptable to any outfit or season. Their versatility of how to wear them allows me to refresh existing looks in my wardrobe or use them as the centre of my outfit. Tie it as a top, as a headscarf or bow in your hair, weave it around your waist as a belt or tie it onto your favourite bag or clutch. Or–I guess you could wear it traditionally as a scarf. That’s a bit boring though.