Silk Laundry X FAZEEK Nature’s Laboratory Candle

Curated in line with Nature’s Laboratory, Silk Laundry and FAZEEK have collaborated to create a limited edition candle inspired by the Amazon.

Specifically designed by creative director Katie Kolodinski through the guidance of the team from Melbourne homewares label FAZEEK, the candle will transform your space into a tranquil haven transporting you to the mossy and green environments of the rainforest.

"It’s always a thrill to work on a new candle scent, and when Katie shared her notes from her trip to the Amazon, we were hooked. Balancing the beauty of Mother Nature and sacred Palo Santo with the realities of destruction and deforestation was a fine line, however we are really proud of the final product. “ - FAZEEK

The scent is lush and exotic with nodes of petrichor to reflect the fragrance of damp earth after an outpour of rain. With over 4000 species of orchids in the Amazon, hints of orchid features in the candle. Translating to ‘holy wood’ in Spanish, Palo Santo, is a component providing the candle with an earthy and warm element symbolic of the South American tree renowned for its healing aroma that has been traditionally used by Indigenous people for centuries to treat pain, stress, and negative energy.

Upon visiting the Amazon, Katie was privy to the distinct scent of gasoline, which was detectable from her accommodation. This was an essential node to include as Katie wanted to capture those who have risked their lives with the protection of the rainforest in mind.

“Many lives have been ruined by oil drilling, forests have been completely destroyed and environmental activists have been jailed and murdered,” - Katie Kolodinski

The Amazon contains one-third of all tropical trees that exist on earth, so greenery is another aroma that reflects the mildewy freshness of grass, leaves, plants and trees. Other hints of rose, coffee plantation and cacao debut in minimal quantities to add to the myriad of smells that compose the Amazon.

Katie’s holistic approach to her collections made creating this scent a bespoke touch to Nature’s Laboratory, bringing together a range of different elements and inspirations to create something truly special.

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