Vogue Features Our Founder & Creative Director, Katie Kolodinski

Our Founder & Creative Director, Katie Kolodinski, sat down with Vogue and shared how being a mother has influenced her commitment to continuously improving Silk Laundry's sustainability journey.

"Katie Kolodinski of Silk Laundry knows her way around a killer slip dress. Halter, classic, printed—you name it. (And not to mention Kolodinski crafts a mean knit, too!) After launching her label in 2015, the designer works to source and produce locally in Canada and Spain while using recycled materials. Part of the reason why she aims to make her label as sustainable as possible is to build a better future for her children, Felix and Cedric," - writes Vogue.

“The biggest influence has been the constant reminder of the responsibility that we have to leave the planet in a livable state for the next generation,” says Kolodinski. “This has driven my husband Reece and I to continue to improve Silk Laundry’s sustainability as well as use our brand as both a voice for change and a vehicle for direct action.”

"Like Kolodinski, her children prefer natural fibers. In fact, she has taught them how to read fabric contents on clothes. “I have stayed away from polyester for as long as I can remember as I detested how it felt on my skin. I try to teach my children to do the same with fashion, and that polyester is essentially plastic and they can't have it,” she says, adding. “Now they read the tag and scream, ‘It’s cotton, Mom! 100-percent cotton, can I have it?’ ” "