Vogue Italia interviews our Founder, Katie Kolodinski

Published August 16, 2023

Silk Laundry was born from the passion and principles of Katie Kolodinski, a designer who intends to use fashion as a tool for positive change with her work.
It was 2015 when, «almost by chance», the Canadian Katie Kolodinski decided to found Silk Laundry, a brand able to offer beauty and quality, capable of resisting the passing trends that the current fashion panorama - understood in a broad sense - offers habitually. The designer's goal, also explained in the exclusive interview to come, is to create timeless garments, suitable for completing anyone's wardrobe in the world, as well as the result of direct experience in three different continents. 

And so, between the desire to use fashion as a tool to bring about positive change in society and a strong bond with nature expressed through clothes, Katie Kolodinski talks about the values ​​and ideas that have shaped the brand.

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