What We're Listening to: Monarch Butterfly Playlist

What We're Listening to: Monarch Butterfly Playlist

An ode to the Monarch Butterfly. This playlist is part of the Silk Laundry awareness campaign. The campaign aims to educate all about the endangerment industrialisation poses to the Monarch Butterfly.


From Canada to Mexico, the monarch butterfly migratory path is hindered by industrialization and habitat destruction. Since the 1980s the monarch population has decreased from 4.5 million to an estimated 20,000. But there is something you can do to help.

This year, our awareness collection features the monarch butterfly and with these pieces we hope to aid the protection of a beloved pollinator. It symbolizes a collaborative effort to renew the species' environment through the sharing of knowledge and act of care. That's why, before the imminent launch of the Monarch Butterfly Collection, we ask all friends of Silk Laundry to sign our petition to put a stop to the destruction of the fields of the monarchs.

In Montreal, a monarch butterfly habitat is currently proposed for destruction. In its place a medical mask industrial plant has been green-lit for development. We need to act fast in order to put an end to this project. To support letters submitted to the local government, your signature on this petition increases the chance to implement change. Help us, and join your voice with ours.