Wonderland Magazine features our Founder & Creative Director Katie Kolodinski

Our founder and creative director, Katie Kolodinski, was recently featured in Wonderland Magazine., sharing her latest journey to Vietnam with TextileSeekers. The article delves into Silk Laundry's journey, vision and commitment to using its voice for the betterment of the planet. Read the full article below to discover how "Silk Laundry is shaking up the fashion world..."

Silk Laundry: the brand that’s making waves in the fashion world. At the helm is Founder and Creative Director, Katie Kolodinski, whose intuition guides the brand’s focus on luxury, conscious living, and philanthropy.

Kolodinski’s journey began when she migrated to Australia in her youth. In 2015, she launched Silk Laundry, and the brand’s vision was born with its 90s Silk Slip Dress staple. Since then, the brand has evolved, and its design process prioritises quality and care. Each piece upholds the ethos of withstanding the trends of time, and the brand seeks to complement already established wardrobes around the world.

Drawing inspiration from three continents, Silk Laundry offers an unparalleled global experience for accessible, essential luxury. But that’s not all. The brand is also committed to using its voice for the betterment of the planet. With an overarching intent to improve the journey of conscious consumerism, Silk Laundry progresses through its forward-thinking values and sustainable targets, always learning and growing.

In her quest to learn more about textile practices, Katie Kolodinski embarked on a week-long trip to Vietnam, focusing on indigenous local communities that still use age-old traditional textile practices. There, she learned silk spinning from cocoon to thread, natural dying, batik and weaving.

Kolodinski describes the trip as “a slower pace than what I am used to, and a welcome change.” She connected with a tribeswoman who softened threads with the force of her legs on a big cement slab. The tribeswoman unexpectedly hugged her and held her hand for some time.

Overall, Kolodinski’s trip was an authentic experience rooted in the hopes of learning and preserving cultural practices. With Silk Laundry, she’s creating a brand that not only prioritises quality and luxury but also fosters sustainability and global community.

Source: Wonderland Magazine
Photographs: Courtesy of our founder, Katie Kolodinski