Silk Love Stories 01: Tess Tripcony

The last year has been a difficult one for many, but we would like to take the time to appreciate some of the more joyful moments that came out of 2020. Introducing Silk Love Stories, an ongoing series of how Silk Laundry became a part of these couple’s special day, no matter how big or small.

Introducing Tess Tripcony for Silk Love Stories

Wherever your ceremony takes place, we’ve come to realize that it’s not the size of the party, but the people you’re with that make it special. For our bride Tess, that meant her family.

When family is your passion, there is no other way to define ‘perfect’ without them. A terrific mother and now a joyous wife, Tess “eloped because [she] wanted the day to be about becoming husband and wife”, and nothing more.

“For as long as I can remember all I’ve wanted was a partner I love and lots of kids and I still pinch myself that we now have three [children]!”

Hailing from the Sunshine Coast, QLD, Tess Tripcony, ne Power, and her husband Blair decided, instead of committing to months of party planning, that they’d book a suite at Brisbane’s The Calile Hotel and celebrate the way they know best. Together. After 13 years of love, with their children Lila (6), Dusty (5) and Harry (1) by their side, Tess and Blair engaged in a day of laughter, mischief and delight to commemorate their elopement at the Brisbane Registry.

“I LOVE a traditional wedding, but for us, we are already so busy and it takes a lot to stress me out, but party planning is one thing that does it! I didn’t think it was fair to the kids or Blair that we put all our focus into one day. […] It was very us and completely stress free.”

And in the end, whether you’re walking down a red-robed chapel aisle, sandy dunes ringed with beach evening primrose, or the carpeted halls of The Calile Hotel, so long as upon that final step there is love, who are we to appraise perfection? For that’s for you to define, after all.

Q & A
Tell us about your wedding! Where did you get married, and who attended? Why did you choose to get married there?
We headed to the Brisbane Registry with […] our three kids, then headed back to The Calile and celebrated with room service, cocktails and a movie in bed. The night afterward we had all of our closest friends and family over to celebrate in my parents backyard. We have been together for almost thirteen years and […] not much about our relationship has been traditional so we didn’t feel the need to have any big wedding plans. We really wanted our day to be fun and with as little stress as we could. Our best friends and family actually organised the whole after party for us and they did the best job! I LOVE a traditional wedding but it just wasn’t for us, I wouldn’t change anything about our day.
How does wearing Silk Laundry make you feel? And why did you choose Silk Laundry as your dress of choice for your wedding?
My Silk Laundry dress made me feel so beautiful but more importantly so comfortable! It was the first and only dress I tried on. When I found out the new collection had been released, I dragged my one year old little boy, Mum and sister down to Brisbane to try it and I loved it straight away. It was so simple but still really special and I actually can’t wait to wear it again! I know it’s a dress I will never get sick of.
Tell us about you and Blair’s journey together. Your love story.
Blair and I met in high school thirteen years ago and have been together ever since. We were both only 22 when we decided to start a family but it was the best choice we’ve ever made! We have been a part of each others life for so long and all my best memories include Blair. Thinking about how much we’ve done together makes me so excited for all of our adventures to come. We have always dragged the kids along to cafes, restaurants, pubs, breweries (haha) and in return we still get to do all the things we would do without them but now it’s even more fun, and maybe just a little louder. It makes me feel so lucky and grateful to have a relationship that is so fun and easy, our personalities are pretty opposite but I think that’s what makes us work so well.
What will you cherish most from the day of your wedding?
I love the fact that the day was just about us. We got up and had a coffee together, drove to Brisbane, got ready amongst the chaos of the kids jumping on the beds and raiding the mini bar. We shared a bottle of champagne and then called an Uber to take us to the Registry. It was very us and completely stress free.
What is love to you, and what makes it last?
Love to me is being with someone who you can trust, who makes you feel safe but also someone you can have fun with. We have the rest of our lives together and I know that being married to Blair means that I will never be bored.
What are three significant moments you and your husband have shared that stand out for you?
There are so many!
Selling basically everything we owned and travelling around Australia for 6 months with Lila and Dusty would definitely have to be one though! It was completely out of my comfort zone and something I never would have imagined doing but it ended up being one of the best things we’ve ever done! Blair took us on the most remote tracks and to the most secluded beautiful places and I never once felt scared or worried.
Another moment would have to be another travel one on a holiday in Japan. We landed in Tokyo at midnight with Lila and Dusty while I was 26 weeks pregnant with Harry. We missed the last train to Kyoto and we were standing in a foreign country in the rain with two tired kids. I wasn’t far off a melt down but Blair was so calm and held us together, we found a 24 hour hotel a short walk away and it actually turned into a fun adventure.
The last one would definitely have to be when I was pregnant with our third baby and we found out at 19 weeks that she had no heartbeat. It was so unexpected and scary and I felt so lucky that we had each other. It wasn’t even the things Blair said or did that helped, he was just there and was so supportive and I think after that we knew that there wasn’t much else that we couldn’t get through. It definitely forced us to grow in every sense and although it was one of the hardest times of our lives, I actually feel grateful it happened because it makes me appreciate the smallest things now and how lucky we are to have each other.
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