Silk Laundry's Magic Mushrooms Collection is inspired by the magic of mushrooms – their wondrous patterns, natural medleys, and endless vitality. It features new styles, prints, and fabrications hand-crafted in mesh and silk crochet bringing wonder and curiosity into the season ahead.
"As someone who appreciates nature, I am always searching for inspiration that defines the fundamental beauty of our world. While designing this collection I was reading 'The Mushroom at the End of the World' by Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing, which explores the world of mushrooms and their role in our ecosystem. This book has become a significant source of inspiration for me." Katie Kolodinski, Founder and Creative Director.
A celebration of resurrection and regeneration, our Magic Mushrooms collection is centred around the forest and the damp and shadowy places where mushrooms thrive. We have created a series of functional and versatile pieces that embrace the subtle movement and balanced power of these natural wonders.
Magic Mushrooms collection builds on Silk Laundry's promise of quality and care — as each piece upholds the ethos of withstanding the trends of time.

Discover the wonder and curiosity of Magic Mushrooms – a celebration of the wisdom of millions of years of creation. Inspired by these fascinating organisms, the forest, shadow and light, our latest collection represents power and resilience and the possibility of environmental renewal.
Art Direction: Katie Kolondinski and Esther Martinez.   Photographer: Ezra Patchett.   Models: Mara Nica, Nayeli Figueroa.