Creating foundational garments is part of Silk Laundry’s commitment to designing pieces that transcend seasons and trend cycles. Carefully curated by Silk Laundry’s Creative Director, Katie Kolodinski, each Uniform item serves as a building block for a balanced and pragmatic wardrobe.
Minimal, modern and
modular. Perfect for
the contemporary
Silk Laundry's Uniform collection is the embodiment of the brand’s commitment to classic design that transcends seasonal trends. Thoughtfully curated by Creative Director Katie Kolodinski, it offers a foundational wardrobe, characterised by strong, wearable, and iconic pieces that resonate with our aesthetic principles. 

Originating from the celebrated 90s Silk Slip Dress, the Uniform range is a dynamic, evolving series. It annually introduces novel fabrics and silhouettes, maintaining a fresh yet timeless appeal. This year, we are pleased to present an array of new colourways - moon, midnight, moon pinstripe, white, and black - each adding a unique character to the collection. 

Dedicated to lasting quality and exceptional design, each item is carefully constructed and suitable for standalone wear or seamless integration with your current wardrobe.

Art Direction: Katie Kolodinski and Esther Martinez. Photographer: Ezra Patchett.